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December 1, 2023

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Our Current Campaign is the:

KBRH Health Foundation Project

The Orthopedic Enhancement Project will help provide better care closer to home. This $750,000 Project will purchase state of the art medical equipment for the Operating Rooms at Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital (KBRH), to be used by the Orthopedic Surgeons.

The Orthopedic Enhancement Project will support 2 new Orthopedic Surgeons, who have been recruited to work at KBRH, as well as our existing team of 4 Orthopedic Surgeons. The equipment purchased will allow the surgical team to continue their excellent work providing hip and knee replacement; hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, hand and wrist repair; and trauma surgeries.

In addition, this new Project will support a new level of service for patients including total ankle replacements and hip and knee replacements with a one-day discharge.

Your generous donation will ensure:

- 2 newly recruited Orthopedic Surgeons are fully supported through the purchase of priority medical equipment
- Introduction of 2 new surgical procedures: Total ankle replacements - currently patients are travelling to Kelowna or Vancouver for this procedure and One-day hip and knee replacements - ensuring patients can heal in the comfort of their homes, sooner, when possible
- Capacity is increased to provide more orthopedic surgeries
- Wait lists are decreased
- Patients in need of orthopedic surgeries will receive much needed care closer to home, rather than travelling outside of our region

Become a Supporter:

KBRH is the regional service hub for orthopedic surgery and trauma services in the Kootenay Boundary. KBRH provides over 1,700 scheduled and emergency orthopedic surgeries annually. Our healthcare team depends on your generosity to provide the best care possible. Your donations will equip the orthopedic surgeons with the tools they need and ensure excellence in care is happening closer to home, right here in the Kootenay Boundary.

If you would like to help support the Orthopedic Enhancement Project, we invite you to contact the Foundation at 250-364-3424 or DONATE ONLINE HERE.

Every donation has great impact and is accepted with gratitude. Thank you.

In September 2022 KBRH was approved for Tier 3 Nursery status, which will provide 3 nursery beds with 24/7 nursing. The Tier 3 NICU will provide neonatal services to newborns at approximately 34 weeks and 1800g, or 3.3 pounds, who present moderate risk requiring acute care. As well, an urgent/emergent baby born at approximately 32 weeks and 1500g, or 4 pounds, with appropriate weight for gestational age, may be able to remain at KBRH’s Tier 3 NICU. KBRH’s Tier 3 NICU will also allow for repatriation of babies from Tiers 4 to 6 sites, for example Vancouver, Kelowna and Kamloops, when it is safe for the baby. The unit can also accept infants from Tier 1 and 2 sites, such as Kootenay Lake Hospital, if enhanced care is needed. Approval of the Tier 3 status also facilitated hiring of a new Pediatrician, growing the number of Pediatricians to 3.

The closest referral hospitals, Kelowna, Kamloops, and Vancouver, are a minimum 4 hour drive, making travel challenging, especially in the winter months. Distance also separates new parents from their families and support systems whey they need them the most. KBRH’s Tier 3 Nursery, with equipment specifically designed for infants, along with neonatal trained nurses, will ensure comprehensive maternal and neonatal care for the 88,000 residents in the Kootenay Boundary region, and will strengthen maternal/child care, allowing mothers and babies access to appropriate, safe, and quality care closer to home.

If you would like to help support the KBRH Health Foundation’s $700,000 Tier 3 NICU Project which will purchasing priority medical equipment, we invite you to contact the Foundation at 250-364-3424, or DONATE ONLINE HERE.


The Ambulatory Care Campaign is now complete with $1.1 million raised to support current and future needs of the Ambulatory Care Departments. The Foundation is proud to support the $38.8 million 
Phase 2 Pharmacy/Ambulatory Care Campaign, bringing state of the art healthcare to KBRH.

Thank you for your support.