Spotlight On: Dr. Susan Ge, Orthopedic Surgeon

Meet Dr. Susan Ge, the newest Orthopedic Surgeon at the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital (KBRH), and first ever foot and ankle fellowship trained surgeon to work at KBRH. Having always wanted to live in a small town close to nature, outdoor activities, and winter (believe it or not!), Dr. Ge felt the move to the Kootenays would be the best fit for herself and her dog Picasso, a mini Bernedoodle.

Understanding the limitations in smaller communities, Dr. Ge is enthusiastic about the Foundation’s Orthopedic Enhancement Project, and what it could mean for regional healthcare improvements. The Project will purchase the tools necessary to provide up-to-date orthopedic care to patients locally. Specifically, this means being able to provide surgeries Dr. Ge offers, such as total ankle replacement and minimally invasive foot and ankle procedures to patients.

Being able to offer specialized foot and ankle surgeries right here at KBRH means patients don’t have to travel as far, take as much time off work or be away from loved ones and dependants during their healthcare journey. Having Dr. Ge perform these surgeries locally allows for better follow-up care and faster management of any potential unforeseen complications. Minimally invasive surgical options also mean quicker recovery, decreased wound complications, and faster return to work and activities.

Through the Orthopedic Enhancement Project, Dr. Ge is looking forward to using the Stryker Pi drive and MICA burr, a burr that is high torque and low speed, different from standard burrs being used today. These tools allow for minimally invasive procedures to be performed while decreasing the risk to surrounding nerve and soft tissue structures.

Ultimately, Dr. Ge’s goal is to help patients in the Kootenays have better access to high-quality specialized foot and ankle care, get people get back to their normal activities sooner, and restore their quality of life.

Dr. Susan Ge, the first ever foot and ankle fellowship trained surgeon to work at KBRH.

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