Why Give?

Since 1988, the Foundation has raised over $24.9 million to advance healthcare in the Kootenay Boundary. This is how you helped improve our healthcare facilities:

Major Campaigns & Projects

Orthopedic Enhancement Project$750,000 (Goal)In Progress
Tier 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit$700,000 (Goal)In Progress
Columbia View Lodge Garden of Gratitude$200,000 (Goal)In Progress
Ambulatory Care$1,100,0002021- 2023
Chronic Pain Service $214,230Fall 2020
Emergency Department $1,592,0002018- 2020
Endoscopy$450,0002017- 2018
Elder Care$380,0002016- 2017
Airborne Isolation Room$57,000Spring 2016
Urology$489,0002015- 2016
Critical Care$678,0002013- 2015
Melnychuk Memorial Garden$61,000Spring 2013
Digital Stereotactic Mammography$795,0002011- 2013
Surgical Equipment$200,0002010
Children’s Health Care Initiative$1,140,0002007- 2010
Columbia View Lodge Van$110,0002006- 2007
ENT Equipment$324,0002005- 2006
Mobile MRI$375,0002004
Ambulatory Care$1,100,0002000- 2002
Poplar Ridge Van$102,0001999- 2001

2022/2023 Funding Contributions from Grants: $833,081

Past Annual Contributions from Grants

2021/22: Total Contribution $1,064,160
2020/21: Total Contribution $1,334,456                       
2019/20: Total Contribution $810,873
2018/19: Total Contribution $468,684
2017/18: Total Contribution $690,670
2016/17: Total Contribution $558,475
2015/16: Total Contribution $613,210
2014/15: Total Contribution $557,997
2013/14: Total Contribution $958,090
2012/13: Total Contribution $243,765
2011/12: Total Contribution $415,175
2010/11: Total Contribution $1,014,082
2009/10: Total Contribution $829,572
2008/09: Total Contribution $435,538 

Your Impact

Through the help of our community of supporters, we are able to purchase medical equipment, patient care & comfort items, and support staff education, to ensure the best patient care is available for all. Check out how your donations have positively impacted your healthcare teams below. 

Bariatric Broda Chair

A new Bariatric Broda Chair has been purchased for the Medical Floor through your donations.
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Qube Monitors

Carla, Patient Care Coordinator in the Ambulatory Care Unit, shows us one of three new Qube Monitors purchased through your donations.
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A new Colonoscope has been purchased for the Ambulatory Care Unit, which is an asset to the Endoscopy Clinic and Colon Screening Program at KBRH
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Urology Video Tower

This is the Urology Video Tower purchased through your donations for Ambulatory Care Procedures Unit.
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Two new Cribettes have been purchased for the Tier 3 NICU at KBRH.
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Kyra Stirrup Cart

The Kyra stirrup cart is used to hold the yellow fin stirrups while not in use for urology, general and gynecological procedures.
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Electrosurgical Unit

Lydia, RN shows us the new ERBE Unit which is used in the Ambulatory Care Department for endoscopy procedures.
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Vital Signs Monitor

Two Vital Signs Monitors with stands were purchased through your donations for Columbia View Lodge, which are used to monitor vital signs of the long ...
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MRI Stretcher

Jason, MRI Technologist, shows the new MRI compatible stretcher which improves safety for patients and staff and also improves access for patients with decreased mobility.
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Vital Signs Monitor

This Vital Signs Monitor with stand and touch screen was purchased for the Pediatrics Department to monitor pulse oximetry, blood pressure and temperature.
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Delivery Cart

Three Delivery Carts were purchased for the Maternity Department, to replace wooden laminated carts. Stainless steel allows for better cleaning and infection control practices benefiting ...
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Bariatric Commode

Patient Care Coordinator, Harley, shows a Bariatric Commode purchased for the Surgical Floor, which assists larger patients take care of personal hygiene with dignity and ...
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